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Two Tip Tuesdays Week #39

Tip #1

A Listing Interview is different than a Listing Presentation. 

Many agents lose listings they could have had because they do not make the distinction between a listing interview and a listing presentation. A Listing Interview is all the time you are with a listing prospect. A Listing Presentation is only that portion of time while you are explaining how the prospect will benefit by having you represent them in the sale of their home or property. A By-Owner presentation tells why and how the odds are against by-owner success. A Pricing Presentation guides the seller to the right listing price. The more distinctions you make about the various functions during a Listing Interview, the more success you will have.


Tip #2

Canned presentations have a bad rap.

Truth be told, almost every sales person who gets great results and earns great income has more of a canned presentation than they think.

I once tape recorded on of the top salespeople in a certain industry in the United States. He adamantly insisted that ‘every prospect is different so you have to ad-lib’. Yet after taping his phone presentations for a week, I discovered that over 80% of what he said was word-for-word the same in every presentation. What was different was the sequence. His ‘ad-libbing’ was really using the same exact language, the exact same questions or points, in a different sequence for different prospects.

Watch a piano player for one week in an upscale bar or restaurant. Most good performers know upwards of 1,000 songs by heart and another 3,000 using cue cards or ‘Fake Books’, but in an evening performance, will only play about fifty.  Each tune or song he/she plays is canned. Every time a particular song is played, whether several times a night, once a night, once a week, or once a month, it comes out the same. It’s from memorization that a musician gains confidence and develops style. Each song is canned but the sequence is not.

Think tool kit. A mechanic has 500 tools in the kit, yet needs only three for a certain job, 10 for another job and 15 for another. By having all 500 in the kit, he always can quickly find the right tool for the job.

Great salespeople actually work the same way. Great salespeople have learned a great number of points to make, questions to ask, answers to questions, and responses to objections or indecision. Each item is a tool. The more tools in the kit (memory part of the brain) the more solutions for different situations and challenges.

Final point: memorizing exact words to make certain points or respond to certain objections gives you more flexibility. Memorizing all the points you need gives you maximum flexibility and will make you virtually unstoppable. Nice feeling, eh?