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Two Tip Tuesdays Week #11

Tip #1

Go ahead … annoy some people

Do you worry too much about the few people who will be annoyed when you prospect By-Owners, Expireds or telephone or door-to-door canvass?


People on television movie stars and rock stars will occasionally say something or do something that will irritate or displease a few of even their best fans. Some will complain with phone calls mail or negative blog postings. Extensive research shows that number to be about 2%.

That means 98% were not annoyed enough to say anything.

Fisbos, Expireds or others who won’t list with you after allowing you to tour the home are not annoyed by your call. They either still feel that they or someone else can do a better job, in spite of your well presented Fisbo or Listing Presentations.


One man suggests putting a picture of your family on the visor of your car. Then, when hesitating to call on a Fisbo, Expired or other listing prospect because they might be annoyed, ask yourself which is worse: possibly annoying this stranger by making this call or for sure annoying my family by not bringing home a pay check?

Bottom line: make all the prospecting calls you need to generate leads and listings and accept the small percent of people who were annoyed by your call. “It goes with the territory, don’t you know?”


Tip #2

Stay Motivated

Nothing will keep you as motivated as an important goal with a deadline.

Paul J Meyer, President of Success Motivation Institute once gave me these important keys to achievement.

Crystallize your thinking with specific big or important goals

Develop a burning desire for their achievement

Set a deadline.

Set the work goals to achieve the results goals.


Start again every day.

Listen to motivational recordings every day. You feed your body three times a day. Feed your motivation every day for 10 to 30 minutes. Listen to the same recording six times to get the full benefit.