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Two Tip Tuesdays Week #28

Tip #1

Don’t start something you can’t finish

Bill, a master of the List More Sell More language, met a new agent who complained that she had made 20 phone calls to By-Owners and failed to get even one appointment.

Bill offered to meet her the next day and teach her how to get lots of good appointments. He instructed her to circle 20 By-Owner ads in the local newspaper before they met.

Bill got on the phone and called a By-Owner. Using the List More Sell More language, he got an appointment within minutes. “Wow!” the agent said, “That was lucky.”

“Not luck, just the right words, said Bill and dialed another number and scored again.

He rehearsed her in the words he had used and said, “Now, you do it.”

Long story short, she fumbled a couple, got the rhythm and made 7 appointments in less than an hour.

Checking back one week later, the agent had failed to turn even one appointment into a listing. Why? She was totally unprepared to explain why the odds are against By-Owner success.

Moral: Learn and master EVERYTHING you need to say to convince By-Owners that the odds are against them and convince all listing prospects to list with you … at the right price … at the right commission,,, and with the right staging … BEFORE you start making listing appointments.

When you know that you can close 50% or more of your listing appointments, you will enjoy this business as never before. You will wake up mornings eager to make your first prospecting call.


Tip #2

What are you doing for the next 10 years?

If you are going to invest the next ten years as a real estate agent, why not be making an extra $50,000 a year while you are doing that?

You can, you know.

Every human being has vast untapped potential. Everyone can achieve things way beyond their current abilities.

Suppose someone said they would pay you $1 million, taxes paid, if you ran a marathon within one year, would you want to do that? (Ok, you are hard to please … $5 million.) Now would you want to do that?

Here’s the point … actually two points. First, most health issues will not prevent someone from running a marathon. There is a man in California who had a massive heart attack at 80, survived, began running and today, at 96, runs several marathons a year. In the same vein, most personal situations will not prevent a determined agent from increasing their income by $50,000. With the right skills and business plan, you can actually do it in less time than you are currently spending.

Second point: The minute the money is put on deposit in your bank with instructions to your banker to release the money the moment you complete the marathon, you would know what you have to do to get paid. You have to run 26 miles. You also know that it will take most of the year to get in shape and build the endurance to make the run.

Right now, you already know what to do to earn an extra $50,000 a year: get more listings and get them priced right so they sell.

It’s one thing to know what to do. It’s another thing to know how to do it.

You can learn everything you need to know to list enough homes and earn the $50,000 in just an hour and a half a day for 20 days. It will take close to a year to master that knowledge and turn it in to the ‘Automatic Competence’ needed increase your listing production to the level needed.  Is an hour and a half a day for 20 days a good investment to learn how to earn an extra $500,000 over the next ten years?

B.C.M. (Blatant Commercial Message):  We have been teaching real estate agents the right words to say to get more listing, get better prices and increase their incomes by $50,000 or more for over 30 years. 3,000 agents have earned $1 million in commissions in eight years or less. You CAN do this too.

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