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Two Tip Tuesdays Week #33

Tip #1

Average skills will give you a living.
Advanced skills will make you a fortune!

What have you done today to advance your skills for …

Getting appointments with expireds … by-owners … others?
Converting appointments to listings?
Getting listings priced right to sell faster?
Getting commissions increased to net sellers (and yourself) more money and quicker sales?

Are you getting all the well priced, full commission listing you want or need? Need help? Check us out.


Tip #2

What’s your strategy on pricing a listing?
Here’s a strategy that works.
Select three or four similar homes recently sold; typical homes, not foreclosures.
These will tell your sellers what people are willing to pay for their kind of home, in their area, at this time.
Select three or four similar homes currently for sale. These should be newer homes on the market and the lowest priced homes. These will tell your sellers what they are competing against.
Select two or three expired or reduced listings that have been on the market five or six months. These will tell your sellers what people are not willing to pay.
As you may know, there is about a 5% average difference between recent sales and current asking prices. By pricing a home 2.5% above the average of recent sales you will automatically be setting the price 2.5% below current asking. As a result, more local agents will show your listing. More showings usually bring higher offers.
This strategy gives your sellers their best chance for a full price offer which is 2.5% above the recent sales average.