Two Tip Tuesdays Week #23

Tip #1

The $5,000 ticket

Did you ever run a stop sign or a red light and get a ticket? How much did it cost? The average answer is from $75 to $300. That’s a lot of money.

Consider this: If you make a listing presentation adding point after point without checking to see if your prospects agree or understand, you could be running verbal stop signs or red lights and at the end of your presentation, you get a ticket called ‘no listing’. If the sold listing would have brought you’re a $5,000 commission, that’s an expensive ticket.

To avoid getting such tickets, use frequent ‘Feed Back Questions’ throughout your presentation. There are 3 kinds of Feed Back Questions; Tie Downs, Benefit Questions, and Logic Checks.

Tie Downs are questions such as ‘Does that make sense’, ‘Isn’t that right’, Would you agree with that?’ 

Benefit Questions are test questions; ‘Do you see how (this feature, this idea, this thing I do) will help buyers decide on your home?

Logic Checks are exactly what the words imply; you are checking to see if the sellers are being logical. It’s illogical for a seller to say no when you ask ‘Do you want the most money?’ or ‘If you felt you could net an extra $5,000 by listing with me / pricing right / offering a full commission / de-cluttering your home / would you at least consider it?