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Two Tip Tuesdays Week #7

Tip #1

Take polite and professional control of all interviews.

Situation: You enter a listing prospects home and they immediately insist on knowing how much you charge, how much you will list the home for, or how you will advertise the home. If you answer their question right away, they are in control and you are being interviewed. You need to turn the tables. Remember, you are the professional. You have the answers. You must give the sellers all the information they need to make an informed decision … but on your terms and schedule, not theirs.

Here’s a start: When a seller starts off asking about commission, price, or anything else, say, “That is / those are / good  question(s). May I ask this first … Are you absolutely, absolutely, and I mean absolutely serious about selling your home?”  You must get a firm ‘yes’.

Continue with, “Is it fair to assume that you want the most money you can get … yes… as quickly as you can get it … yes … and with the fewest problems possible? Politely request a ‘yes’ after each part of that question.

There are more techniques to add, but just this much will start you off in control of the interview.


Tip #2

“I will list with an agent who will offer me a discount commission.”

Situation: a listing prospect is adamant that he/she wants a low commission and insists on knowing what you charge.

Sometimes you will need to get the commission topic settled before you do anything else.

Having said that, I believe the better flow of a listing interview is to ‘get the commitment that you have the listing first; then discuss and select the price second; and then discuss and select the commission third.’

If you were following this logical flow and then lost a listing due to commission, I would have to ask: did you have a sincere commitment that they would list with you before you gave the price presentation? Did they then select a good listing price? And did they understand that they could select the commission?

If you have lost even one listing due to commission, please call me to discuss this further. Let’s not lose another listing from a motivated seller.