Advanced Listing Strategies Course

'Advanced Listing Strategies Course'

13 Weeks of comprehensive on-line training - Via GoToWebinar

Presented personally by Jerry Bresser

Next course starts June 26, 27, 28 29, 2018, plus next 12 Wednesdays.

Don't miss this course.
When you get good at Lead Conversion you will be in position to get a listing every week.

Two Tip Tuesdays Week #15

Tip #1

Quarterly Check Up

Average skills will give you an average living.

Above-average skills will make you a fortune!


What have you done today to advance your skills for …

Getting appointments with expireds … by-owners … others?

Converting appointments to listings?

Getting listings priced right to sell faster?

Getting commissions increased to net sellers (and yourself) more money and quicker sales?


Are you getting all the well-priced, full commission listing you want or need?

Need help? Check us out.


Tip #2

Serious about making some serious money?

“If you are serious about making some serious money, then commit to enrolling in Jerry Bresser’s Course & Coaching Program. 

“Listen, learn, and practice till you are comfortable, then call Fisbos & expireds 5 days a week. 

“You will then create a new problem for yourself:  having too much money at the end of the month instead of too much month at the end of the money.”

Our thanks to Dick Runstadler, a Georgia real estate agent, for this testimonial and tip. FYI, Dick once earned $240,000 in commission by the end of April. That’s not a bad start for the year. 

Over 3,000 agents earned $1 million dollars in eight years or less after taking Jerry’s listing courses. How’s that for a HUGE Return On Investment for the cost of some courses and coaching?