The Listing Solution Collection

Did you know ???


There is a strategy that can give your sellers a 95% chance of selling at 5% above average!


That’s HUGE!  You can actually give your sellers a nearly perfect chance of getting an extra $15,000 when selling a $300,000 house. And you can use this strategy on just about any residential property at any price range … $100,000 or $1 Million.


People make decisions based on what they see and what they hear.


That’s why real estate agents show houses, not just describe them. And that’s why real estate agents who use the Presentation Cards in The Listing Solution Collection as the center point of their listing appointments get more and better listings than agents who just talk.


The Listing Solution Collection is a set of 105 unique Visual Aids (4 color cards) and 245 unique scripts (points to make, strategies, conversation starters, responses to objections) to convince sellers that you have a really good solution to their hope of getting a fast sale and an above average selling price.


The Collection includes:


A Good Place to Start Nine different ways to start a listing interview. The right moves at the start is usually the fastest way to a good listing. Sellers will want to hear the rest of your strategies.

8 Good Reasons — Over $1 Billion in residential properties has been listed every year for over 35 years using this classic presentation. The logic is powerful … and persuasive. That’s a lot of commissions earned by listing agents.

Aim Above Average — Our newest listing presentation. Sellers get faster sales and above-average prices by taking advantage of this new strategy.  Most sellers enjoy $2,500 to $25,000 in higher selling prices.




By-Owner Presentation — An easy and logical presentation that clearly proves why and how the odds are against By-Owners saving money when selling privately. Thousands of agents have built highly successful careers on this presentation.



Expired Listing Presentation — Sellers whose listings expired have just had a bad experience. They need assurance that they will not make the same mistake again. This proven Expired Presentation does the job. As with the By-Owner Presentation, thousands of agents have built their careers by focusing their primary prospecting efforts on Expired Listings.

Pricing Presentation — Most sellers quickly agree to list at the right price once exposed to the logic of this proven Pricing Presentation. Your listings will sell faster and seldom expire.

Commission Presentation — When you present this powerful evidence, most sellers instantly agree to offer full commissions and even an extra 1% incentive commissions that actually result in higher selling prices. It is truly a Win-Win strategy.

Wild Cards  — Our unique Wild Cards will inspire your creativity and provide instant great answers to tough sellers, or tough questions. Sometimes, one single thought, inspired by an image or phrase in writing that reinforces that thought, is all you need to have a listing prospect agree to list with you, or at least start listening to you with an open mind. Think of all the way you could expand on the ‘Win Big’ card, as shown on the far right below.


‘Secret Sauce’ Presentations — Out of the 100 cards in The Listing Solution Collection™ you will find many way to create your own unique listing presentations. When you find the combination that works well for you time after time, you will have found your personal ‘Secret Sauce.’


If you don’t have a strategy to give your sellers a really good chance for an extra  $10,000 or $20,000 above average selling prices, you  really need to get The Listing Solution Collection™ .


Recorded and On-Line Live Training and twelve months support program included.


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Money Back Guarantee:

  Order your Listing Solution Collection today. Try it at least five times on By-Owners,  Expireds or other Listing Prospects in your 60 day test period.

If you cannot get at least one good listing, return the Listing Solution Collection in good condition in the original shipping box. Your money will be refunded immediately and in full. See full terms HERE.

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Ready of immediate delivery.

Investment: $250 for 12 months or $450 for 6 months.

Graduates of Boot Camp, 28 DAYS or more than one three day workshop are entitled to a 10% discount.

10% discount also for those enrolling in the 10 Week HI-Focus Coaching Program.


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Brokers Note:

One of the four major reasons that new agents fail is they don’t learn what to say fast enough to survive. New recruits have a much better chance of survival and a much faster path to a successful career by learning these proven listing techniques. Keep The Listing Solution Collection™  on hand for immediate training in all things about getting good listings. Talk to us about becoming a licensed affiliate trainer.

Distributorship Opportunities:

We seek Trainers & Coaches for exclusive State-wide and Providence-wide  distributors. If you like to teach and coach real estate agents, you can build a very profitable and rewarding business using The Listing Solution™ as the foundation. Call Jerry Bresser to discuss. 586-749-8617.


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