'Advanced By-Owner Course
Six Weeks of comprehensive on-line training for learning how to list 'For-Sale By-Owners.'
On-Line Class - Via GoToWebinar
Presented personally by Jerry Bresser
Next course starts January 23, 24, 25, plus next 5 Mondays.
Don't miss this course. When you get good at listing 'By-Owners', you can depend on a listing every week

List More, Sell More (Audio CD)

$199 + S&H   

Set of 10 CDs. Over 10 hours of techniques and training!

The CDs are the sound track from a Video Program where Jerry presented his List More Sell More system to 40 experienced agents who were asked to play the roles of the toughest listing prospects they ever encountered.

For over 10 recorded hours, Jerry answered their questions and responded to their toughest objections, all with the powerful and effective words in the List More Sell More system.

Over 3,000 agents who memorized these words have earned $1 million in 8 years or less. You can too.

Constantly voted as most complete, most useful CDs to learn what to say and how to say it to get better listings.

CD Contents:

  1. Introduction to Intertec
  2. Prospecting 1&2
  3. Qualifying
  4. Listing Presentation 1&2
  5. For Sale By Owner 1&2
  6. Pricing Presentation 1&2
  7. How to List First and Price Second
  8. Closing the Listing Presentation 1&2
  9. Responding to Stalls & Objections 1&2
  10. Dealing with Price Objections


Our Guarantee– Get this CD program today. Learn the techniques and use the appropriate ones on 5 listing prospects. If you don’t get at least two good listings, call Jerry for a one-on-one consultation. He will show you how to make the system work for your personality and in your environment. Then try another 5 listing interviews. If you still don’t get two good listings, return the CDs for a full refund.