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'Advanced Listing Strategies Course'

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When you get good at Lead Conversion you will be in position to get a listing every week.

Aim Above Average Success Reports



When you offer sellers the
Aim Above Average Listing Strategy Option, they will choose it.


Here are some Above Average Success Reports.


Brighton, MI: 82 listings secured in 12 months; – all residential listings sold in 1/3 to 1/2 the average days-on-market; all sellers received more money at closing, mostly from $2,500 to $25,000.

Calgary, AB: Sold in 5 days, $10,000 over asking.

Edgewood, KY: Sold 3 homes 1 week each, all 99% of asking.

Holland, MI: Sold in one week, $35,000 over previous offer.

Lexington, KY: Sold in one week, $15,000 over asking.

Oshawa, ON: Sold in 4 days, $6,000 over highest recent sale.

Plymouth, MI: Sold in 6 days, $15,000 over asking.

Saskatoon, SK: Sold in 2 days, $4,000 over asking.

Sewell, NJ: Sold in 1 week for $5,000 over asking price.

Shrewsbury, MA: Sold in 2 days, $20,600 over asking.

Tonawanda, NY: Sold two in 2 weeks, both above asking.

Toronto, ON: Sold in 2 weeks, $42,000 over asking.

Vaughan, ON: Sold in 4 days, $83,100 over asking.


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