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Aim Above Average is now a 12 week course

On-Line Course

November 8, 9, 10, 2016

On-Line Course starts with a two hour session per day for three days,

followed by a session once a week for 11 more weeks.

Plus three private coaching sessions



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Listing Agents

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Now, you can look your listing prospects in the eye and offer them a near-perfect strategy to sell their homes or condos faster than average and at above average prices.

This often means an extra $5,000 to $15,000 for the average seller.  A seller in the million dollar range might see an extra $100,000.

The goal is not to just get listings, but to get listings that are … 

priced to sell faster and for more money …

commissioned to sell faster and for more money

and staged to sell faster and for more money .

Agents who are using the Aim Above Average strategy are selling their listings in half the average time and at above average selling prices. That puts extra money in the sellers’ pockets.

That’s a HUGE benefit for the sellers!

Michael Scholtz got 80 priced-to-sell-fast listings at 7% in just one year after finishing the course. Incentive commissions offered to buyers’ agents resulted in quick and multiple showings. All but two sold at or above asking within 30 days.  All his sellers enjoyed  an  extra $2,500 to $25,000 at closing.

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New ‘Story Board’  Strategy will make you different and better than your competition.

Commercial ads you see on TV, new movie scripts, real estate developments, and almost all big sales start with Story Boards to convey the story line or end result. Our Story Boards are the closest thing to a magic wand for getting more listings at better listing prices and get those listings with incentive commissions that cause more buyers agents to show your properties. Sellers are always impressed.

Benefits of Our Unique Story Boards

—Give you a starting point.

—Give you a track to run on.

—Give your sellers a track to follow.

—Prompt you for the next idea.

—Allow you to complete your thought.

Minimize disruptive questions.

—Close faster.

Get “Yes” more often.

Our Story Board presentation cards will provide the very solution you have been seeking: How to present yourself as different and better than your competition. Only a few trained agents in any marketing area will have access to these Story Board cards. You will have a big competitive advantage.

“It works! Got the listing away from three top competitors. We had 50 showings and sold it in two days for $20,600 over asking.” Rosanna S.
“Listed an expired on the first call, sold it in three days $9,000 over asking and $6,000 over the highest recent sale.” Bobby F.
“Sold 2% over listing price and sold in just 15 days.” Norm B.
“I made $55,000 from three transactions just because I took your course.” Mordy W.
“For the first time ever I feel I am fully worth every penny of my commission.” James W.


How The Course Is Run


The Aim Above Average Listing Course is a 12 week program where you will develop outstanding communication and selling skills. No one reaches peak performance in any field with just a day or two of orientation. Aim Above Average will prepare you for a most rewarding real estate career.

The On-Line Course starts with your personal attendance at your computer for three days.  There is a two hour session each day. To get fastest results you will want to reserve an additional 2 to 3 hours each day for learning and  practice.

For the rest of the course, there will be a one hour session every week for the next 11 weeks. Each session will review key techniques and presentations and add new techniques (scripts) for …

• Lead Generation • • •  Listing Presentation • • •  Pricing Presentation • • •  Commission Presentation • • •  By-Owner Presentation • • •  Canadian-legal expired strategies … Staging Strategies • • • Sellers’ Decision Making Strategies • • •  Statistics Presentations • • •  and Responding to (and preventing) Stalls and Objections.

Additionally, you get three private coaching sessions to help you personalize the presentations and inject your own personal style. You will like the way sellers will respond as you guide them to getting the most money and the quickest sale.

In just 90 days, you will be one of the most skilled listing agents in the country and enjoying more listings that sell fast and for above average prices.

Our Mission: Provide the training, coaching and inspiration for real estate agents and brokers to achieve their greatest potential and enjoy an above-average career and life.


Pay-monthly Course Fee

The complete course fee for on-line training, including  all course materials and listing tools, is just $200 a month for 3 months.



Limited attendance. Register early!