'The Listing Solution' Course
Six Weeks of comprehensive on-line training for learning to use the 80 new and unique Presentation Cards and the 245 unique scripts contained in 'The Listing Solution' briefcase.
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Presented personally by Jerry Bresser
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4-Sale-By-Owner Course

Next Course starts:   August 15, 16, 17, 2017

  Time: Noon to 2:00 pm EST

Then every Monday for the next five weeks.

Time: Noon to 1 pm.

Attendance is limited to 34 participants. Register early!

Highly recommended:

Attend at your computer with a headset & mike.

Participate in all Partner Practice sessions.

   Future Potential Bonus

John D. a long time user of our By-Owner strategy just reported 26 referrals and repeat business that resulted from one By-Owner listed years ago. Total income was over $110,000. That’s 26 commissions without having to prospect for the leads. Sweet!

Question: Can the next By-Owner you list be the start of a long list of referrals for you?

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Now you can list just about every By-Owner you meet!

It can be difficult to convince For-Sale-By-Owners to list with you.

The lure of saving $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more on commissions is very strong. And selling a home or condo can’t be that difficult … so some sellers think.

When your listing prospects do not understand the PROBLEM, they will not be open to your SOLUTION.

The PROBLEM for Private Sellers is that the statistical odds are stacked highly against them.

The statistical odds are that almost all private sellers lose money. NAR says the average loss is $10,000.

The SOLUTION for private sellers is to find the listing agent who has a better strategy for getting above average results.

The purpose of this Private Seller Conversation is to help sellers clearly see how and why those odds are against them.

Selling a house or condo is NOT the problem. Any owner can sell their property, even in one day … if they give a big enough discount to an investor or bargain hunter.   The challenge is getting the highest value relative to recent sales of like properties.


When you get good at presenting the right words and graphics, you should list 6 of every 10 By-Owners you meet.


When listing real estate, we get paid for what we say, more than for what we do. If we can say the right things, in the right way, at the right time, we can convince most By-Owners to list with us … and do it now rather than later.

FSBO Card Set

FSBO Card Set

And when you can show the right Visuals to confirm what you say, you will have much faster understanding and much more credibility.

Imagine this: You stop at a By-Owner Open House. You tell the sellers you are an agent and tour the home. When done, you say to the sellers …

“Mr.,/Mrs. Seller, you have a very nice home. Selling it should not be a problem, but getting the highest value is always the challenge.

Has anyone explained why you will have a better chance to net $5,000 or $10,000 more by listing & selling with a real estate agent … and andand… why you have a good chance to double that by listing with the right agent?”


Now you will have a chance to have a meaningful conversation about the Odds against sellers netting more by selling privately.


In this powerful new course …

You will learn what to say to:
— show and convince By-Owners why and how the odds are highly stacked against them.
— effectively overcome commission objections.
— beat out discount agents and flat fee companies.
— win listings despite fierce competition.

You will learn:

  • Ten proven techniques to use at the door or on the phone to make good appointments fast.
  • A new and powerful way to gain Instant Credibility and be in Constant Control of every listing interview — from start to finish!
  • A four-step Qualifying procedure to make sure the prospects are motivated enough to justify your valuable time and to eliminate the stalls and objections that most agents get at the end of the listing interview.
  • Fifteen proven techniques to convince almost every by-owner that the chances of selling privately and netting more than they would by listing with you are close to zero.

You will receive:

  • Seventeen FSBO Presentation Cards.
  • A Language Book of easy-to-learn scripts.
  • Templates for lead generating Post Cards and Handouts

           Course Presenter: Jerry Bresser.

Many of you young agents may wonder what you can possibly learn from such an Older Guy.
Don’t judge the mind by the wrinkles on the skin.
We Older Folks are veterans.
We’ve been around the block a time or two.
Nothing I have taught in the last 40 years is obsolete (except for the house prices).
You will be amazed by the simplicity and power if this new By-Owner presentations and these new Presentation Cards.

Most By-Owners do not realize how and why the odds are stacked against them. When you learn these powerful techniques, you will have a terrific advantage over competitive agents who do not know this material and simply wait until the by-owners run out of time or patience and decide to list.

Proven Results

Most Graduates list at least half of the by-owners they meet, but that’s not a limitation. Bob Liebold listed 59 of 60 appointments, Paul Mitchell listed 33 of 34 appointments in his first 9 months. Hundreds of agents average three to four listings every month using these exciting and logical techniques.  If you want to specialize and get really good, you should be listing 6 of 10 within one year.

Building Confidence

When you get good at listing By-Owners and know that you can list one any week you try, you will have the strength to walk away from marginal listing prospects who price too high or won’t prepare the home for showing or insist on a cut commission or are otherwise un-cooperative.

One Graduate said, “When you learn this language, it’s like playing poker with x-ray vision.You know what people are going to say.” Another Graduate said, “It’s very hard for a prospect to resist the compelling logic of this [By-Owner] presentation.” Still another said, “If they are logical, they gotta list with me.”

The course will be presented on GoToWebinar in a conference call format. You will need a computer with broadband internet connection and a built-in or external microphone to join. We recommend a headset with microphone and a quiet environment to eliminate background noise.

All calls are made through GoToWebinar using your computer, so you can take this class from anywhere in the world, no telephone required.

What Comes With This Training?

Our For Sale By Owner on-line course is a six week course starting with a two hour session each day for three days. Course starts 12 noon EST and runs till 200 p.m. There is a half hour Q&A session after each class. After the initial three days, there will be a one hour session each week for the next five weeks.

You will receive about seventeen 5″ x 7″ full color Presentation Visuals — as shown above — to help you convince sellers of the challenge of selling privately and that they will net more money by listing with a good real estate agent — YOU!

You will also receive a special For Sale By Owner Work Book containing the scripts for the Presentation Cards plus all the supporting language for making appointments, going directly to the sellers’ doors, qualifying, starting your presentations and conversations, and of course , responding to all kinds of objections.

One more thing: You will receive several templates for Post Cards and Handouts for lead generation. Leave or mail  to a By-Owner who is not home when you stop by.

To get the best and fastest benefits, we recommend that you schedule an additional hour to practice and master the techniques you will hear. Once you master this language and start using it, you will amaze yourself. And your competitors will think you walk on water.

When you get good at presenting the right words and graphics, you should list 6 of every 10 By-Owners you meet.

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