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Two Tip Tuesdays Week #8

Tip #1

How many tools are in your ‘toolbox’?

As a mechanic, a contractor, or a home decorator, you wouldn’t go out to a job with one tool or one sample. And as a Marine, you wouldn’t go into battle with on just a half dozen bullets. Why, as a sales agent, hoping to get a listing, would you go out with less than all the ammunition you might need to convince a seller to list with you?

To win the listing, you will need to create professional rapport; qualify to make sure you know the sellers objectives and motivation; convince them to list with you, at the right price, at the right commission, and with the right staging. You also need the answers for any and all objections.

With the right and complete tools (you brain is your toolbox, every technique, question to ask, point to make, response to their question or objection is a tool) you can win every time. 

Many graduates of our Listing Courses report 100% conversion of listing appointments to listings. And many report 90% and even 100% of their listing sell. You can too. Get all the tools you will need.

(In our Ultimate Listing Course we cover over 200 specific items/tools. Check it out.) (Change link to PLIC)


Tip #2

How much do you charge?

One of our graduates reports that she has not taken less than a 7½% commission in 17 years in spite of the fact that competitors, including agents in her own company, offer to take listings at 4% and 5%.

When a seller starts by asking what she charges, she asks, “Are you looking for a discount agent?”

When the seller says yes, she responds, “You don’t want me. I am the highest priced agent in the county. But I get more for the house and put more money in the sellers’ pockets. Would you like to know how I do that?”

She then shows the wisdom of getting more local agents eager to show a home that gives them a bonus commission and how more showings results in more and better offers.

Her closing line is ‘A one percent increase in commission offsets a five percent reduction in price every time.’