Advanced Listing Strategies Course
'Advanced Listing Strategies Course'

13 Weeks of comprehensive on-line training - Via GoToWebinar

Presented personally by Jerry Bresser

Next course starts June 26, 27, 28 29, 2018, plus next 12 Wednesdays.

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When you get good at Lead Conversion you will be in position to get a listing every week.

Two Tip Tuesdays Week #16

Tip #1

“Don’t worry what others are doing, just focus on YOUR next sale!”

Especially do not listen to what others are saying when they can’t find good prospects and run short of money. Most are blaming anything but their own lack of skills or work ethic. Just follow you own plan.

When the economy tanked a few years ago, one agent said, “I don’t care what the economy does. I know what I have to do.” She ended the year with 85% of all the listings and sales in her township.


Tip #2

Never look at being a Realtor as a job; always as a business.

You wear three hats: Your Investor hat, your Management hat, and your Agent/Employee hat.

Put on your Investor hat for the moment. “I, the Investor, am going to invest one year of my time. What can I expect as a Return On Investment?”  How big is our opportunity and how much of it do we want? In other words, how much do you want to earn … by the end of the year … by the end of each quarter?

Now put on your Management hat. “The goal is $____. How are we going to achieve that?

How many transactions will we need to reach the income goal?

How many transactions will come from buyers … from listings sold?

What is our listings-taken-to-listings-sold ratio?

How many listings do we need to take to reach the listings-sold target?

What is our conversion rate of listing appointments-to-listings taken?

So how many listing appointments will we need each week to reach the listings taken goals?

What is our calls-to-appointments ratio?

How many calls and contacts do we need to reach the listing appointment goals?

Now, put on your Agent/Employee hat. Ok, I have to make ___ calls every day. I have to get face to face with ___ potential sellers every day/week. How do I do that? How do I structure my time and effort to make all that come together?

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