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Two Tip Tuesdays Week #38

Tip #1

Make By-Owner prospecting more effective.

You can make By-Owner prospecting more effective by giving the sellers something to help qualify potential buyers.

Prepare a special business size card with the message “The price of this home is $_________, which is a fair price for this area. May I ask – is that in the ballpark of what you can afford?”

Obviously, have your name and phone number on the card as well.

Tell each By-Owner you contact that experience has proven that 90% of all direct buyer prospects cannot afford the homes they go to see. Give the seller this card and tell them to read the message to each direct buyer who calls or comes to their home. If a prospective direct buyer answers “no” or even hesitates, don’t invite them in. When a prospective buyer says yes, invite them in, show them your home and ask them if the home could fit their needs. If they say yes, ask them to buy it.

Tell each By-Owner that reading this message will help them qualify potential buyers and maybe help them sell the home … or it will help them understand why most direct sellers ultimately list.

Tell them you will check back in a week to see how they made out. The most likely outcome is that no direct buyers come or no one makes a reasonable offer, giving you a better chance of getting a listing.


Tip #2

You can’t get a listing when you do not have good rapport.

A good way to develop fast rapport with a listing prospect is to ask them to show you the home and treat you like a potential buyer as they do.

Say, ‘Treat me like a serious buyer who needs to buy a house this week, is looking at five homes and yours is one of them. Don’t just show me the home; convince me to buy it. Tell me why you like it, why I will like it.

Point out any hidden features and any place you made improvements and updates.’

Take lots of notes as you go through the home as that shows interest on your part.

Don’t be surprised when some sellers say ‘I’m not very good at selling, am I?’ Asking the sellers to convince you to buy the home quickly makes most people aware of their lack of selling knowledge and skills, especially when you point out a good selling feature they overlooked.